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Short Questionnaire - Light College MA Development

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The Light College plans to launch a new MA programme in Pioneer Leadership and Public Theology in 2023 and we need your help.

Our vision is to train, equip and connect pioneers and evangelists to go and make countless followers of Jesus

Please could you help us by completing the short questionnaire below?

Your answers will help gather the information we need for a successful validation of the new MA with the University of Chester.
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We hope this MA will:

  1. Equip those who sense a call to engage in pioneer ministry and leadership to join with the Spirit of God in experimental, creative and innovative missional strategies in the public square.
  2. Resource practitioners to have a fresh approach to leadership that needs to be avantgarde in nature. For example, following the ancient biblical prophetic tradition, we believe that Christians need to be equipped to communicate the culture transforming message of Christ to a society that has lost confidence for a future with a God of hope. It will provide a range of culture critical lenses to see the spiritual battles people face in fresh ways.
  3. Help leaders to help those in their communities as they face fundamental life questions as part of the complex practical challenges people face. The MA will explore some of the key issues that are at the forefront of public theology.
  4. Develop leader’s prophetic instinctsand God-given capacities, to discern the Spirit’s guidance and address the specific challenges that each new missional opportunity poses.

  5. It does not seek to provide simple answers to complex issues, but rather to equip pioneer missional communities to discover new resources that the Spirit of God can only reveal.

  6. This will require that pioneer leaders be equipped by cutting-edge cultural-research methods, community development tools, and reflective practice frameworks, to cultivate those they lead, and the secular communities they incarnate among, to meaningfully join with the Spirit of Christ in life transforming experiences.

Please provide us with your contact details if you want to hear more from us when this new programme becomes available.

This form is not accepting responses.

Form closed 30-Sep-2022 5:00pm.